Region IX Information

Fall 2009 Region IX Report

By David Ortegon, SRA, Regional Representative

Hola! It was an honor and pleasure to represent our Chapter at the Joint Regional Meetings of the Appraisal Institute in Cancun, Mexico this November. Especially exciting was Hurricane Ida’s brief but noted presence the weekend prior to the conference!

The regional meetings took place jointly this year in combination with the National meetings and The International Valuation Congress. In attendance from the Greater Tennessee Chapter was President, Todd Rogers, MAI and me, David Ortegon, SRA, Regional Representative. Here are the highlights of which to be aware:

Joe Magdziarz, MAI, SRA, gave the National financial report. So far this year National shows a net loss of approx. $374K which is down dramatically from the net loss of $1.2M in 2008 thanks to the efforts of the BOD and the National finance committee. Cost cutting efforts along with improvements in educational offerings during 2009 has made this possible. Magdziarz did allude to a possible dues increase for 2010 but reminded everyone that the last dues increase took place in 2003. Joe was also proud to be able to present a balanced budget for 2010.

Discussion of other items included the proposal for the creation of a new Appraisal Review Designation. This was probably the most heated discussion of the joint meeting. The concerns raised included a concern that SRA and MAI designated appraisers could now be under the weight of a new review designation held by some nonpracticing appraisers who may not have any appraisal knowledge. Other points of view argued that technical appraisal review does not necessarily require formal appraisal knowledge or experience. This topic is expected to be taken up during the national board meeting here in Cancun but is not likely to gain traction.

Leslie Sellers, MAI, SRA, discussed the efforts made this year by the Government Relations team, as well as, the opportunities that both Leslie and Jim Amorin have had to speak on Capital Hill and to congressmen. Leslie emphasized the importance of financially supporting the Government Relations function, especially in the upcoming year as many important bills make there way through congress. To that effort many regional representatives in Region IX volunteered regional reimbursement toward the Government Relations campaign, specifically the NorthStar Challenge.

The BOD is making a request to change the Region Meeting Structure for 2010. Currently, each region is required to hold two annual meetings in person. The proposed change is to have four region meetings annually consisting of at least one in person meeting and three virtual meetings held via some sort of online net meeting, etc. The topic is expected to be taken up during the national board meeting here in Cancun. If passed our Region IX still expects to continue the tradition of two in person region meetings. The next one is scheduled for March of 2010, but whether it will be in person or via the internet is yet to be known.

Ultimately, the meeting was a success. It was well attended and the enthusiasm seemed high for the coming year and all it’s bringing with it. It is certainly an exciting time for The Greater Tennessee Chapter as one of our own steps in to the position of National President. If his history is any indication of things yet to come, one can bet that Leslie Sellers will be an outstanding leader for the Appraisal Institute and our industry as a whole in 2010.