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The Tennessee Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is engaged in crafting and contesting legislation at the State level. The Chapter engages in this work through the professional lobbying firm, Capital Strategy Group and through direct email, phone and traditional mail campaigns to the legislature. The links below are to the State legislators – congressmen and senators.

  1. State of Tennessee – Senators
  2. State of Tennessee – Legislators
  3. Capital Strategy Group
  4. TCAI Government Relations Committee


The Appraisal Institute serves its membership through a variety of efforts conducted by its in-house staff. Details of national efforts can be found at . Resources include information on:

  1. Grass Roots Advocacy
  2. Current Legislation & Regulatory Proposals
  3. Testimony & Presentations
  4. Key Issues, and more

Capitol Strategy Group

Success Stories

Recent accomplishments from local and national efforts include:

State level

  • In-class vs. Online Education Requirements
    The State of Tennessee Real Estate Appraiser Commission contemplated rules changes which would have allowed all continuing education to be taken online; as opposed to 14 hours in-class and 14 hours online. Members of the Chapter attended the TREAC Board meeting and voiced their concerns regarding diminution of quality, reduction of interaction/relationship building, etc. The proposed rule change failed and the rules were left unchanged.

Volunteer & Support

Volunteer & Show Your Support

The Tennessee Chapter needs your voice! You can serve the profession by voicing your concerns and ideas with State legislators, through service on the Government Relations Committee, and by engaging with the Institute’s national office in Washington.

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee of the Tennessee Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is comprised of the following members:

  • Chairman – S. Todd Rogers, MAI
  • Member – Kevin W. McGuigan, MAI
  • Member – Brett T. Jones, MAI

Contact the Committee at (615) 356-3200 or

Want to get involved??   Contact Todd Rogers at