History of Greater TN Chapter

The Greater Tennessee Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is the result of the January 1, 2000, merger of the Nashville-Middle Tennessee Chapter and Volunteer State Chapter’s. The geographic territory of the Greater Tennessee Chapter of the Appraisal Institute includes all of the State of Tennessee east of the Tennessee River, i.e, the Grand Divisions of Middle and East Tennessee.

The Volunteer State Chapter of the Appraisal Institute had been formed June 1, 1991, through the merger of former AIREA Chapter No. 37 and former SREA chapters: Knoxville No. 124, Chattanooga No. 147, and the Tenneva No. 151. AIREA Tennessee Chapter No. 37 was chartered in November 1956. In May 1967, the statewide chapter was divided into three chapters — one for each grand division of the State of Tennessee, and two other chapters formed: Tennessee-Memphis No. 51 and East Tennessee No. 52. In November 1982, No. 52 and No. 37 merged as Chapter No. 37. SREA Knoxville Chapter No. 124 was chartered on March 18, 1957. SREA Chattanooga Chapter No. 147 was chartered on January 5, 1960 and SREA Tenneva Chapter No. 151 was chartered on February 12, 1960. The Nashville-Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Appraisal Institute was the former SREA Nashville Chapter No. 78 and was chartered in 1949.