George Dell, MAI, SRA, ASA, CDEI


George Dell, MAI, SRA, ASA, CDEI of San Diego California, is the creator and developer of Evidence Based Valuation.©  This “new valuation modeling paradigm” maximizes the value of the subject-matter-expert, by using today’s analytics software, freely available to appraisers.

George has served at all levels of the Appraisal Institute, including the national board of directors, Appraisal Journal editorial board, Curriculum Committee, Technology Committee, specialty admissions project teams, peer review, education development, and numerous presentations at national and international conferences.

His extensive graduate education led him to reexamine traditional statistics and “three-comp thinking.”  The resulting Stats, Graphs, and Data Science workshop series brings technology-empowered valuation methods.  The Asset Analyst philosophy enables tools and methods for a broader range of services needed by clients — for collateral assurance, investment/portfolio risk scoring, and understandable science-based litigation presentation.  The practice begins with evidence-based data selection, replacing the “trust me, I know a good comp when I see it” method.  It ends with a reproducible report, eliminating the need for subjective and troublesome “appraisal review.”

The weekly blog, raises often-controversial (but forward looking) issues.


Student Quotes


Mark Lindsay

Allows me to approach the ugliest of appraisal assignments with an ordered, intelligent and non-biased method.  The concept of using a complete data set gives a much more reliable overview of a market.  Thank you, George.”


Don Machholz

George Dell is a leader in the field of appraisal data science.  The concepts he teaches can elevate the appraiser to a newer level of defensible appraisal development.  He teaches with both patience and humor.  This class is comprehensive and he takes care that no one is left behind.”


Nick Dunlop

George’s time adjustment analysis alone is worth the cost of the class!

George Dell, MAI, SRA, ASA, CDEI

George Dell, MAI, SRA, ASA, CDEI


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